10 Reasons For Government & Education To Join Google Cloud Next ’24

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Google Cloud Next ‘24: Your launchpad to navigate the tech landscape, equip yourself with cutting edge tools, learn from real-world case studies and connect with fellow public servants shaping the future of government.

Are you ready to bridge the digital divide, deliver citizen-centric services, and future-proof your agency in 2024? Public sector technology is evolving at breakneck speed, with AI, cybersecurity, and sustainable solutions taking center stage. Join us at Google Cloud Next ‘24, April 9-11. Here are 10 great reasons to register now for Next ‘24!

  1. Master cutting-edge AI: Dive into Google’s advanced AI tools through workshops, demos, and sessions that propel your mission forward. See real-world examples of AI transforming areas like disaster relief and research.
  2. Supercharge your skills: Gain hands-on experience with the latest cloud technologies and data-driven solutions. Engage your leadership with your newfound expertise and elevate your career.
  3. Network with your public sector community and cross industry experts: Connect with fellow leaders, Google Cloud experts, and industry peers and partners. Share best practices, exchange ideas, and build collaborations that drive innovation.
  4. Learn from inspiring success stories: Discover impactful case studies, like empowering examiners with AI, building disaster resilience, and revolutionizing education. See how technology is making a difference and get inspired to do the same.
  5. Deep dive into your interests: Explore 500+ sessions across 10 tracks, covering security, analytics, citizen engagement, and more. Learn from 30+ public sector speakers, including leaders from the states of New Jersey and Wisconsin, and Deloitte Consulting to gain industry and real-world insights.
  6. Get ahead of cybersecurity threats: Discover how AI-powered security solutions are protecting public sector agencies. Gain the knowledge and tools to confidently safeguard your data and infrastructure.
  7. Embrace sustainable solutions: Learn about technologies that promote environmental responsibility and social good. Be part of building a better future for everyone.
  8. Save big with special discounts: Enjoy exclusive pricing for government and education registrants. Use your business email at registration. Make your budget stretch further and invest in your professional development.
  9. Reimagine your mission: See how technology can transform public services and create a brighter future for your community. Leave feeling energized and ready to make a real impact.
  10. Join a movement for good: Connect with a vibrant community of passionate public servants committed to positive change. Together, we can harness technology to serve better, faster, and stronger.

Ready to make a difference? Register for Google Cloud Next ’24 and unlock your full potential and help take your mission to the next level!

By: Katharyn White (Director of Marketing, Public Sector, Google Cloud)
Originally published at: Google Cloud Blog

Source: cyberpogo.com

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