AI Writers Who Excel at Creativity

ChatGPT, the Undisputed Champ Amongst Human SubjectsThe artificial intelligence (AI) system behind ChatGPT’s cutting-edge writing and other uses, GPT-4, recently bested a bunch of humans in a creative challenge. After comparing GPT-4’s creative abilities to those of 24 undergraduate students, creativity researcher Erik Guzik and his colleagues discovered GPT-4’s brilliance. Each student, even those in […]

Opinion polls, ethical journalism resources, and probabilistic logic shields—all in AIhub’s October 2023 monthly roundup. – ΑIhub

Here in the AIhub Monthly Digest for October 2023, you can read up on the latest headlines, learn about upcoming events, and more. This month, we speak with Aylin Caliskan about artificial intelligence, prejudice, and ethics, go further into probabilistic logic shields, knowledge bases, and sparse reward problems, and uncover the importance of basic programming […]

Automation in small steps.

IntroductionBusinesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries can reap benefits by gradually adopting automation. Organizations may reduce the likelihood of major disruptions to their processes by beginning the road to automation in small, manageable chunks that allow for testing, learning, and adaptation. Getting the mundane out of the way first may […]

Is there a way to incorporate AI into your company’s operations?

IntroductionHow can you successfully implement an AI strategy for your company’s business operations? Define artificial intelligence.AI, or artificial intelligence, is a subfield of computer science that aspires to build intelligent robots capable of doing human-like activities. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is any form of computer system that can do mundane jobs intelligently, learn more about […]

Cybersecurity’s future lies on AI and robotics.

There is great potential for AI and automated processes in the field of cybersecurity. The use of AI to identify and control cybersecurity risks is a prudent strategy. This is how I see things. IntroductionCyber threat detection should make use of AI and automation to improve security, efficiency, and proactivity, allowing businesses to anticipate and […]

In NLP, what does “Tokenization” mean?

IntroductionIn the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), tokenization is a regular activity. Both classic NLP techniques, such as Count Vectorizer, and cutting-edge Deep Learning-based structures, such as Transformers, rely on this phase extensively. Tokenization Tokenization is the process of breaking down a string of text into smaller chunks. Tokens in this context may be […]

Can machines be taught to make suggestions?

IntroductionAn important topic of our day is how to train robots to make suggestions. Two of the greatest possibilities of the present are recommendation and individualization. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable greater engagement and user experience through more relevant content recommendations. How then can we train computers to make suggestions? How do you train […]

Will AI of the future have a food compulsion?

Does AI have the ability to become hungry? Form a preference for particular foods? Not quite there, but a group of researchers at Penn State are creating a revolutionary electronic tongue that imitates how taste affects our food choices depending on requirements and desires. This might serve as a model for artificial intelligence that interprets […]