Developing an AI Data Strategy: CDO “Louis DiModugno

Data is AI’s lifeblood, and in this episode, we speak with a prominent insurance CDO on the importance of data in developing an AI strategy. Data Curiosity is a consultancy that focuses on data preparation, governance, lineage, master data management, and the integration of large language models (LLMs). Louis DiModugno is the managing partner of […]

WordsEye Will Show What You Describe

Software capable of analyzing images has been a real possibility for some time. It’s the principle behind Google’s image search functionality. It’s how you can use your phone or an ATM to deposit a check. Creating images is a relatively recent innovation. Google’s Deep Dream, which was released last year, is capable of recreating images […]

How Does Data Mining Differ From Big Data?

An Overview of Data Mining and Big Data Businesses in today’s data-driven world face a deluge of data from a wide variety of sources. The difficulty comes in deciphering this information for useful insights and sound business judgment. A data mining and big data era has begun. These potent instruments aid firms in discovering actionable […]