Inflection AI’s Chatbot Pi Now Has Above 1 Million Daily Users, Claims to Rival GPT-4 and Gemini

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Consumer-focused startup Inflection AI has achieved a milestone with its chatbot Pi, exceeding 1 million daily active users.

Screen from the Pi Chatbot website.

Screen from the Pi Chatbot website. Image credit: Inflection AI

The Microsoft-backed firm has introduced Inflection-2.5, an upgraded artificial intelligence model, to enhance Pi’s capabilities. This move positions Pi to compete with rival models such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Gemini, say company representatives.

The upgraded model is now accessible to Pi users through various platforms, including, iOS, Android, and the newly introduced desktop app. Pi, utilizing generative AI technology, engages users through conversational interactions, allowing them to ask questions and share interests.

Towards the end of 2023, Inflection made a significant foray into the AI market, coinciding with Google’s integration of Bard (now known as Gemini) into YouTube. During that period, Inflection, while not vying for the top position, positioned its model as the second-best large language model (LLM) globally, just behind GPT-4.

In a departure from that modest stance, Inflection’s latest update asserts that its model is now competitive with “all the world’s leading LLMs,” signaling a shift in confidence. The company anticipates substantial enhancements for its Pi chatbot, claiming the update has infused “IQ to Pi’s exceptional EQ.”

The update is said to have made notable progress in areas like coding and mathematics, reflecting concrete improvements on industry benchmarks. Additionally, Pi now integrates world-class real-time web search capabilities to deliver high-quality breaking news and updated information.

According to Inflection, Pi chatbot boasts 1 million daily users and 6 million monthly active users, with over 4 billion messages sent in total. Users engage in extensive conversations, with an average duration of 33 minutes, and around 10% of these conversations lasting for over an hour each day.

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