The Deepfake Dangers Ahead – WSJ

Bots, trolls, influence campaigns: Every day we seem to be battling more fake or manipulated content online. Because of advances in computing power, smarter machine learning algorithms and larger data sets, we will soon share digital space with a sinister array of AI-generated news articles and podcasts, deepfake images and videos—all produced at a once […]

Developing an AI Data Strategy: CDO “Louis DiModugno

Data is AI’s lifeblood, and in this episode, we speak with a prominent insurance CDO on the importance of data in developing an AI strategy. Data Curiosity is a consultancy that focuses on data preparation, governance, lineage, master data management, and the integration of large language models (LLMs). Louis DiModugno is the managing partner of […]

AI in Healthcare: Creative Applications & Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a groundbreaking technology transforming numerous industries, and healthcare is no exception. AI is transforming the healthcare landscape with its ability to process vast amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make intelligent predictions. From diagnosis and treatment to research and patient care, AI has the potential to improve efficiency, accuracy, […]

Using AI to improve fundamental industrial services

Businesses are undergoing digital transformation as they try to adapt to the competitive environment brought on by disruptions in production and the supply chain. These changes, together with the development of AI, provide factories new ways to improve productivity, safety, and environmental friendliness. Companies may utilise AI to optimise operations and battle downtime, embrace robotics […]

New York City’s AEDT Law: A Practical Guide for the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The delicate balancing act between efficiency and fairness is more difficult to achieve in a world where AI and machine intelligence have optimised everything, including the employment process. Is it fair for algorithms, machine learning, and statistical modelling to determine who gets recruited and promoted? How can we assure that technology improvements don’t harbour prejudices […]

Opinion polls, ethical journalism resources, and probabilistic logic shields—all in AIhub’s October 2023 monthly roundup. – ΑIhub

Here in the AIhub Monthly Digest for October 2023, you can read up on the latest headlines, learn about upcoming events, and more. This month, we speak with Aylin Caliskan about artificial intelligence, prejudice, and ethics, go further into probabilistic logic shields, knowledge bases, and sparse reward problems, and uncover the importance of basic programming […]

Is there a way to incorporate AI into your company’s operations?

IntroductionHow can you successfully implement an AI strategy for your company’s business operations? Define artificial intelligence.AI, or artificial intelligence, is a subfield of computer science that aspires to build intelligent robots capable of doing human-like activities. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is any form of computer system that can do mundane jobs intelligently, learn more about […]

Cybersecurity’s future lies on AI and robotics.

There is great potential for AI and automated processes in the field of cybersecurity. The use of AI to identify and control cybersecurity risks is a prudent strategy. This is how I see things. IntroductionCyber threat detection should make use of AI and automation to improve security, efficiency, and proactivity, allowing businesses to anticipate and […]